We are different in a set of 5 reasons:

  • High-quality olive oil; To produce our olive oil we use no pesticide or fertilizers so that it’s completely healthy, of great mild taste, rich aroma and low acidity (only extra-virgin quality which means less than 0.8% oleic acids) and cold-presses (temperature of the water used in pressing hass less than 27C). Its mono-unsaturated fats reach a staggering 73,3%, its K-values(absorbance factors) only 1,68 and 0,15 (way below the EU-set maximum values) and its polyphenols 230ppm, therefore its nutritional value is very high. No surprise it was recently (Nov’15) awarded in the international competition BIOL in Italy, not only for the high quality but also its elegant design
  • Locally and self-produced product; We are producers ourselves for at least 4 generations. Our island has a millenia-long tradition in making the finest olive oil in Greece. You get access straight to our own fields, without the interference of merchants and retailers.
  • Crowdfunding; A percentage of our net profits will be stored in a fund. At the end of the fiscal year, our friends and customers will decide the social cause(s) for this money to be devoted by means of an online voting! Anyone can suggest a project and gather a tribe to support it by acquiring olive oil. For the season 2015-16 the winner a NGO taking care of the refugees on the island(Angalia).
  • Agrotourism; We offer to our friends and customers the opportunity to visit our place hosted by us, meet us in person and see for themselves the olive oil making process!
  • Sustainability: The remnants of the pressing process are used as compost, returned as fertilizer back to the trees, minimizing the current pollution.

Our competitive advantage is closely linked with our values and our purpose. For example providing only organic olive oil represents respect to the environment, delivering directly to our customers represents our focus on relationship building while devoting a sum to social causes shows our commitment to excellence for what we do and at the end of the day our socially entrepreneurial spirit, put at the service of our society. All these, one by one, contribute to the realization of our purpose , that is the sustainable development of our local community and the finest service of our customers.