The world may know: the Best Oil Producer is again alive and kicking!

After a long prep-time that felt like an eternity, the fair-trade initiative is not anymore a simple initiative but a registered business. It’s not anymore a dreamer’s caprice nor a volunteers’ call-for- action but an enterprise with Tax Registry entry, paying VAT and insurance fees. It’s not anymore in Greece, but in Austria, a country where entrpreneurship and free market laws are respected, even fostered but certainly not punished.

But let’s remember how we started. 5 years ago, on the aegean island Lesbos. Our desire to assist our birthplace progress by promoting its best product took over the name ο Πιο Καλός Παραγωγός(greek for The Best Oil Producer). A social enterprise that returns profits to the farmers and set a daring goal: to turn the pressing residues (biomass) to renewable energy. The first

enthusiasm was contagious and converted to some sales and a national award for innovation in Athens that secured seed funding, even some headlines. How young we were, how naive… how much we had to learn.

Clouds covered our country, our business plan, even our relationship. The Producer’s foundation suffered a blow.

It would never be the same again. Dark years passed…

However, we always believed to the idea. We were still in love. We always said: even the biggest problems can give us something to learn from. And that as long as we breathe and remain focused, things can go better. If we remain faithful the highest mountains can be climbed.

With an awarded product…

a new elegant bottle…

a brand new site…

a reliable transport partner and

a new quantities’ range.

We return.

Already 21% of the imported palette is sold, a further 13% is pre-ordered, within 6 weeks, by the time this blog post could be posted. This time we start without big words or promises.

Just our commitment to hard work. Out of pure love for Lesvos and its people