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We find for you the finest, organic olive oil from Lesbos, Greece based on the highest quality standards.
We donate part of the proceeds for the stranded people on our island, especially refugees children.
We contribute to sustainable, fair-trade production and usage of renewable energy sources

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Our products
Lukas2-min5lSchwarze OlivenOlivenpaste
250/500/750ml            5liter                                      black olives                                          olivepaste

Organic extra virgin olive oil “Geras” : bio-certified, cold-pressed
Producer Grigoris Gliglis (olive oil)         Panayotis Karavatakis (olives. olivepaste)
Internationally awarded at BIOL (Bologna, Italy, November ’15)

A fair-trade social project

Lesbos, the island of Sappho in the northeastern Aegean Sea, has become the theater of untold human pain during the ongoing migrant crisis. Its residents, along with volunteers from all over the globe, show unprecedented kindness by rescuing and taking care of refugees. The island’s producers, despite their dire finances, often put themselves at risk to simply be human and save people stuck in the freezing water. Their best product, their mild, aromatic, highly-nutritious olive oil hardly ever reaches the consumers. They have been farming for millennia with love for the environment with natural and exclusively organic means but for many reasons, their gold is kept away from you, the friends of great olive oil. We decided to do something about it; A fair-trade social enterprise to restore its deserved value. We find the absolutely best oil producer on the island each year, based on a fair scientific quality-related criteria and chemical analysis, extra-virgin, cold-pressed, using only natural means to harvest, as learnt from their forefathers. Aesthetics are important too; It’s put in a beautifully designed bottle, with an awarded design that brings up its real glory, making it suitable even for a present.

What our customers say

“All the best guys, I’m sure the olive oil of the best oil producer will find it’s way to the heart (and the dish) of the consumer!” Anny Protosyngelou

“I’m glad to realize myself you guys have done a wonderful job!  I wish you success in this truly social effort” Giannis Georgantas

“After trying this oilive oil I have a problem… I can’t go back to the one I used to have before!“ Ivan Milanovic

“What a fantastic idea!  Linking 21st century technology to a millenia-old tradition” Tony Chapman